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Customer: Exxon Mobile

Exxon had a problem with getting real time data from a area of extreme interest. Numerous crews and contractors needed informationand direction multiple times a day. Data to make these decisions was not available.

The Challenge

How to get site specific high resolution geospatial data to the people who need it, on time, on budget, and with acceptable precision.

  • Time
  • Information
  • Cost
  • Precision

Our Solution

Use a combination of drones, geographical information systems (GIS) and sensors to gather data twice a day and process on site to produce field ready actionable datasets.

The Results

Our quick deploy drone team provided information which was, accessible, and accurate, and timely, to the deployment team. The team was able to get real time data to quickly make decisions for coordination of multiple crews. Total time and cost of the job were reduced by 35% and 42% respectively.

  • Time Saved = 35%
  • Cost Reduced = 42%
  • Informed Decisions
  • Better Data


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