Aerial Survey Geomatics Case Study

Customer: Denbury

Denbury had a problem with finding and identifying old flow lines from a 120 year old oil field. Up to date information was needed to plan an up coming seismic program, and not knowing the location of old flow lines was a major problem for them.

The Challenge

How to get field specific flow line geospatial data to identify buried and surface flow line locations. We need to use a technology that would be able to identify buried and surface flow lines, some in production and some abandoned. Seismic route planning would then use this information to plan new transect lines to avoid existing flow lines.

  • Underground Flow Line Locate
  • Flow Line  GPS Information
  • Cost
  • Transect Planning

Our Solution

Setup a custom camera system, using a combination of thermal and visual cameras coving the same ground sampling distance (GSD). Geo-locate the lines in both the visual RGB, and thermal imagery using a GIS to overlay the newly discovered line locations.

The Results

Our team was able to fly the historic oil field with the dual sensor camera in a few days. Data was processed quickly and the new maps clearly showed the discovery of many buried flow lines never before mapped by the customer. The new data was digitized with a GIS and loaded into the customers existing system, updating many unknown line locations for the seismic program new design.

  • GPS Location of Missing Lines
  • Many Hidden Flow Lines Found
    • 28 flow lines found
  • Discovered Lines Digitized Into GIS
  • Seismic Transects Designed


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