Pipeline Mapping Case Study


Customer: Murphy Oil

Murphy Oil wanted new options for the surveillance and compliance of their pipelines in S.W. Texas. Some areas of legacy pipelines were inaccessible, and routing monitoring was time consuming and difficult.

The Challenge

Work with the customer to setup a cost effective program for pipeline monitoring and compliance. The pipeline monitoring program needed to be repeatable, accurate, and non intrusive and replace traditional boots on the ground surveys.

  • Low Cost
  • Repeatable
  • Use of Technology
  • Replace Boots on the Ground

Our Solution

Use our patented technology to develop a drone program to replace the boots on the ground survey. Ventus used laser spectrometers

, thermal cameras, and UHD resolution cameras to acquire the right mix of data to meets specifications of the customer.

The Results

Our drone acquired aerial pipeline data provided information which was, accessible, and accurate, and timely, to the health and environment team. The team was able to get pipeline right of way data, and possible leak GPS locations for the whole pipeline. Total time and cost of the job were reduced by 185% and 52% respectively, with the majority of the boots on the  ground survey removed.

  • Time Saved = 185%
  • Cost Reduced = 52%
  • No Boots on the Ground 
  • Spills Avoided, Compliance Achieved


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