Why Ventus?

We are a Canadian based geomatics firm that utilizes some of the most innovative tools and approaches to help our clients better manage their land (ie. mines, pipelines, roads, and forests) and land based assets (ie. towers, buildings, structures, and facilities, etc).

While our current innovation is seen in our use of UAV’s and high performance GIS applications, the real value we deliver is our ability to help provide solutions to our clients to help solve their problems more effectively, efficiently, and safely.

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We  help our clients get exactly what they’re looking for. Our  use of interchangeable sensors, and a full suite of  GIS  applications,  allow us to collect and process rich data to provide valuable insights for our client’s specific needs.  We use some of the most innovative technology to provide some of the most effective means to help our clients manage their land and land based assets.


With efficiency measured  in  dollars  and  cents,  we leverage innovation to give more with less. At  Ventus, we  collect and analyze up to 200 times more data in a  fraction of  the time with fewer people than required through traditional means.  Our clients are often surprised to see how efficient our aerial based approach is to help them do what needs to be done.


For   us,  safety is  more  than  just  something we   do.  With  most  of   our  work  performed  from  the   air, safety leads all that we  do.

Our  equipment is military or commercial grade, equipped with  redundant  systems,  long-life batteries and rugged components.

Our  operators are all  certified to pilot our UAVs in the environments they are used (i.e. oil  and gas sites, utility rights-of-way, sensitive areas, etc).

Our   procedures  have  earned  us  a  Transport Canada   SFOC, COR recognition and an ISNetworld safety compliance, all to affirm our dedication to professionalism and safety.

Certifications and Training

  • Transport Canada SFOC's

    Valid Blanket SFOC’s from Transport  Canada for all our UAV’s:


    Prairies and North

    Ontario and Maritimes

  • Insurance

    We have complete insurance coverage:

    $ 5 Mil liability coverage

    $2 Mil UAV insurance

    $2 Mil errors and omissions

  • Training

    Civil and Commercial UAS Training Course

    Restricted Operation Radio Certificate Aeronautical

    H2S, CST, PST, First Aid, WHMIS, Forest Fire, and TDG

A History of Earning Trust

Everything we do at Ventus is focused on leveraging innovation to enhance the effectiveness, efficiency and safety within the world of GIS and geomatics. That means we’re always finding better ways to help our clients do what they need done. It’s what’s earned us the trust of our many clients throughout the world and it’s what we hope will allow us to earn your trust. Connect with us and we’ll show you how we can help you better manage your land and land-based assets!

How We Do It! (Click or Slide Below!)

GPS Ground Control Survey
Aerial Survey
Image Processing
Data Analysis
The first step is to establish ground survey control for the requested area. This insures the accuracy and precision needed for the final geospatial data product! Only a few points are needed, compared with traditional method of a few hundred.

The UAV or Drone follows a designed flight path, made by the pilot, to cover the desired ground survey area. Thousands of single images taken, with overlap, to produce stereo image pairs! The stereo pairs enables elevation surface models.

Data collected by the ground based survey and aerial drone sensor is combined and processed from many thousand images and points into an geo-referenced orthomosaic map or dense 3-D point cloud!
Rich GIS analysis, computation, and information extraction is done here. Customer get his data in an online GIS or in a data format of their choice! Complex statistical analysis, spatial studies, spectral comparisons, and sight and flow calculations are all possible!


While our methods are very similar to traditional survey, LiDAR, or aerial photogrammetry products; we deliver more for less!  Speed, safety, and data resolution are improved through with our innovative approach and extensive experience.  Read our FAQ section, Contact Us, or just ask us for an estimate through our interactive mapping QUOTATION TOOL.

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We’re honored to have some of the most innovative companies count on us.

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