Inspection and Detection

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When your looking to get a better view

…on your land and land based assets, we rise above the need to provide you with our Inspection and Detection services.  Leveraging our birds-eye-view and numerous sensors to see what can’t be easily seen from the ground, we can provide you with an effective, efficient and safe means to see what you need to.  From inspecting land based assets like towers and stacks for O&G, utilities and government; to detecting gas clouds for the energy and regulatory sectors; to determining vegetation health (NDVI) for agriculture, forestry and environment, our services let you see what ever it is that needs to be inspected or detected.

For pipeline inspection services, please visit our other website, for more information!

Aerial Gas Leak Detection

A World first laser based gas detection unit on a long range UAS. Gas detection system is a Boreal Laser Gas Finder, the leader in Gas Detection around the World.

Pipeline Subsidence and Encroachment

Ventus can inspect your pipelines for leaks, encroachment or other lines or vegetation, subsidence, and erosion all in one survey!

Power and Facility Inspections Made Easy

Both Thermal and RGB HD Zoom imagery and video are available for flare stacks, rooftops, and building envelopes.

Methane Gas Concentrations in 3-D

Detection and Identification of Methane Leak Over a Pipeline. Complete 3-D Plume Model and GPS Location of Surface Leak
Tree Heights can be calculated using GIS and remote sensing with out setting foot on the ground!

Read Our Gas Detection White Paper

See our white paper from the University of Calgary on our first of its kind gas detection unmanned system. Ventus continuously is in a state of innovation and problem solving! Let us help find a solution to your problems!

Summary: Climb on board and see what can’t easily be seen from the ground.

Summary: Laser Gas Detection Flight Over Pipeline, Each Dot Represents a Gas Value and GPS Coordinate.

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