About Us

We are GIS Professionals

Who is Ventus Geospatial?

We’re a Canadian-based geomatics firm that leverages some of the most innovative tools and approaches to help our clients better manage their land and land-based assets. From managing roads, bridges, transmission lines, pipelines, and facilities, our approach has set the industry standard for Geographic Information Systems.


We help our clients get exactly what they’re looking for. Our use of interchangeable sensors, and a full suite of GIS applications, allow us to collect and process rich data to provide valuable insights for our client’s specific needs.


With efficiency measured in dollars and cents, we leverage innovation to give more with less. At Ventus, we collect and analyze up to 200 times more data in a fraction of the time with fewer people than required through traditional means.


For us, safety is more than just something we do. With most of our work performed from the air, safety leads all that we do.

 Our equipment is military or commercial grade, equipped with redundant systems, long-life batteries and rugged components.

 Our operators are all certified to pilot our UAVs in the environments they are used (i.e. oil and gas sites, utility right -of -ways, sensitive areas, etc).

 Our procedures have earned us a Transport Canada Special Flight Operating Certificate or (SFOC), a COR safety compliance recognition and an ISNetworld safety approval, all to affirm our dedication to professionalism and safety.